Here at Hawg Halters Inc., we are all about further advancing our customer's knowledge and understanding of our products. We have provided the following Tech Tips documentation for you to look over and learn more about HHI products. Have fun!

Literature PDF Documents  Frequently Asked Questions Rake Chart Instructional Videos

Printable PDF Tech Documents (Click the links below)



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2021 HHI / Renegade Catalog

2018 HHI Catalog

HHI & Renegade Wheels Products are proudly Made in the USA!





Air Ride

AirFX Install Instructions

AirFX Front and Rear Schematic

AirFX Air Controls Basic

AirFX Air Controls Front and Rear

 Air & Electrical Controls with Q-Pak

AirFX Air Controls Front and Rear With Shut Off

AirFX Controls Rear Instant-up 

AirFX Front and Rear Set Up



Caliper on 2000 and newer models

Caliper on 1999 and earlier models

500 Series 4 Piston Exploded View

100 Series 4 Piston Exploded View

Driveside Brake Kit Assembly

Driveside Brake Specs

Driveside Instructions

Custom Springer Caliper Kit Assembly

Hub Modification Specs for 18" Rotor

Sprocket Brake Assembly


BHK-029 Kit Photo

BHK-031 Kit Photo


2013-earlier Progressive Monotube Using HHI Extensions Instructions

Fork Leg Assembly Schematic

Fork Leg assembly Schematic - Metric

2014 & Up Fork Assembly Schematic (includes Limiters and Preload)


Standard HHI Forward Control drawing relative to the stock set up.

Extended HHI Forward Control drawing relative to the stock set up.


Handlebar Installation Instructions

Cable Clutch Schematic

Hydraulic Clutch Schematic

Momentary Switch Converter

Switch Harness 96-06 All models except touring

Switch harness 07 and up All models except touring

Switch Harness 1996-2006 Touring Audio and Cruise

Switch Harness 2007-2013 Touring Audio and Cruise

Switch Harness 1996-2006 Road King Audio and Cruise 

Switch Harness 2007-2013 Road King Audio and Cruise

105-110 Exploded View  2007-2013 Touring

Internal Throttle Installation Instructions

Odometer Self-Diagnostics



Neck Rake Builders Kit Instructions               written by American Iron Mag.

Neck Rake Builders Kit Instructions

Roadglide Fairing Bracket Kit Specs

08 & Earlier Neck Template Short & Long Neck

09 & Up Neck Template Short & Long Neck


Renegade Wheels Products

Air Cleaner Schematic



Avon Tire Pressure Specs.


2014 & Up FL Short Neck Raked Trees 49mm (49FLMR12S)

2013 & Earlier 41mm Touring / Trike Installation Instructions

2013 & Earlier 41mm FL Touring / Trike Schematic

2013 & Earlier 41mm FL Touring Shortneck Schematic 

2013 and earlier 41 FLMX 23 Triple Tree Installation Instructions

2013 and earlier 41FLMX23 schematic

2014 & Up 49FLMX23 Triple Tree Installation Instructions

2014 & Up FL Touring Triple Trees Instructions

49mm Rocker Tree Schematic

 Travel Limiter Install Instructions

Triple Tree Clamp Bushing Install & Removal Instructions

Custom Triple Trees

2017 & Earlier Fat Boy/Heritage Triple Trees

2014 up Steering head Spec part 1

2014 up Steering head Spec part 2

Inserts / Extensions Specs 49mm Touring Model





Air Ride

When installing front only air ride kits;

Review the individual components needed if the bike already has a mix of other air suspension parts as follows;

Front air cartridge
Front Valve(s)
Switch harness

If “instant up” is desired then you would need an FXA-2012-1 on 49mm bikes (with our rear shocks). We generally recommend (FXA-2012-2) dual tanks on 41mm front bikes or 49mm bikes with our front shocks and Monroe rear shocks.  The Monroe shocks require 2X pressure and volume.

Also, confirm there is an adequate compressor to work with our pressure switch setting.  A Viair 95C or larger works fine. Legends, tricky air,  or the smaller gas compressor will not work, those compressors do not generate enough peak pressure. Dirty air, Platinum, Arnott (with the larger comp), Skully, Xotic kits all have compatible compressors.

Brake Hose Kits

Part # BHK-031 Single Disc Conversion Kit, ABS, 14 up models. Install Directions. First, replace the upper hose. Use the short hose, 60”, that came with the kit, also use one of the 90-degree banjo fittings and the large hard fitting at the top on the master cylinder end.
Next, remove the line on the right side of your ABS unit and block that off with the spacer and 2 washers provided, and your stock banjo bolt. Lastly, use the 72”  hose and fittings to change your left lower hose.


Are our brake pads included when I purchase HHI Calipers? YES.

Does HHI offer caliper rebuild kits? YES. 
Click here.

Will HHI rebuild my HHI caliper? YES. Some of our older-style calipers can no longer be rebuilt. Typically we will need the date code to determine our ability to rebuild. Calipers made before 2003 usually can not be rebuilt. Click Here to view the date code placement on caliper.

Where can I purchase HHI replacement brake pads? 
Click here. Brake pads can also be ordered from HHI Distributors and dealers worldwide.

When doing a single disc conversion on a 2008-later Touring and using a 6 piston caliper with a 13” rotor is it necessary to change the master cylinder? It’s not necessary to change the m/c however it will have less brake lever travel and a stiffer lever feel.  The smaller bore size of 9/16” like that used on a Softail will improve brake performance and lever response but not significantly.

When doing a single disc conversion on a 2007-earlier Touring model and using a 6 piston caliper with a 13” rotor is it necessary to change the master cylinder ? Yes it is a requirement to change the stock 11/16” bore m/c to a 9/16” bore size as used on a single disc brake model bike.  This change provides the correct operational volume and pressure in a single brake caliper application. The smaller bore size of 9/16” is typically used on models such as a Softail or Dyna

What is the bolt pattern for HHI calipers?  All 99 earlier direct bolt-on calipers are 3.5". 2000 up models are 2 7/8"

Fork Legs

What is the proper amount of fork oil?  Always refer to your Harley manual to determine correct fork oil levels. Typically 41mm HHI fork legs: Use 10 ounces wet, 11 ounces dry. 49mm HHI fork legs; use 22 ounces wet and 24 ounces dry. Adjust per your manual's directions. NOTE: Use 2 ounces less if fork legs contain travel stop limiters (bump stops).

What weight fork oil is recommended? 20 weight.  Harley Davidson Screamin Eagle Performance Fork oil is 20 weight. Type E and type B Harley Davidson fork oil are lighter weight and not recommended.

Does HHI use special seals in fork legs? HHI seals are the same size as stock Harley seals.


How do I remove the pinch bolts from HHI Triple Trees so I can remove the fork tubes? If your HHI Triple trees use pinch bolts click here. for installation or removal instructions..


How does the 18” rotor mount?

 The outer clamp ring is used to secure the rotor to the hub.  When ordering a wheel and an 18” rotor the clamp ring is included at no additional charge as it is supplied with the wheel assembly.

 You can order the clamp ring separately as would be needed if ordering just the 18” rotor to fit an existing wheel.  However if this is the intent, please remember the hub has a special offset to accommodate the big rotor.  If you are desiring to convert a Renegade wheel to an 18” rotor we would sell you a complete hub assembly which would include the clamp ring.  Otherwise, send us your hub and we will modify it for a nominal charge.

Can I order the clamp ring separately? Yes

Will HHI modify my hub for an 18" brake ? Yes, HHI will modify your existing hub to take the New HHI 18" brake conversion for a nominal charge. Please call the sales department for further information. 1-877-442-5837


 How do I install HHI Bars on my 2015 up Road Glide? HHI 2015-up Road Glide bars do not use the factory locating pins which restrict the adjustment of the bars and controls. Installation of these bars will require the removal of the locating pin found in the lower riser.  This can be accomplished without removal of the stock riser by simply pushing down on the pin until it is flush.  The new style Road Glide master cylinder clamps also have a locating feature that will need to be removed and clearanced for proper fitment with our bars.  Alternatively, one can use the traditional style clamps as found on all other HD models.    



Stock Size Wheel +1
26" Wheel Short Neck/Air Ride +2
26" Wheel Long Neck +3
30" Wheel Long Neck & Short Neck +4


 The chart below provides helpful tech info. for various applications.

Tree Width
Fork Tube Size Recommended HHI Raked Trees Neck Lock Function
 TOURING MODELS (FL) (2014)  ALL TOURING MODELS  N/A  3  49 Tree Rakes are the same as 13 and earlier, shown in the chart below. Frame rake for
23" Wheel 7°
26" Wheel 7° or 9°
30" Wheel 12°
TOURING MODELS            
FLT Tour Glide N/A 08 earlier 4 09 up 3
  Fits all 1987 and up model baggers with standard late model ignition.
41 2 Wheel Models
Stock Wheel- none available
21" Wheel-none available
23" Wheel - 6° bolt-on
23"Wheel -7° raked neck
26" Wheel - 9° raked neck
30" Wheel - 12° raked neck
Must use neckpiece when installing 23",26", or 30" wheels except 6° bolt on.
FLH Electra-Glide N/A 41 YES
FLHS Electra-Glide Sport N/A 41 YES
FLHT Electra-Glide Standard N/A 41 YES
FLHTC Electra-Glide Classic N/A 41 YES
FLHTCU Electra-Glide Ultra Classic N/A 41 YES
FLTR Road Glide N/A 41 YES
FLHR Road King N/A 41 YES
FLHRC Road King Classic N/A 41 YES
FLHRS Road King Custom N/A 41 YES
FLTC Tour Guide Classic N/A 41 YES
FLTCU Tour Guide Ultra Classic N/A 41 YES
FLTRSEI Screamin Eagle Classic N/A 41 YES
FLHX Street Glide N/A 41 YES

Stock wheel use 9° trees 23" wheel use 12° trees  26" wheel use 12° trees and rake frame.

Also need H.D lower fairing skirt
part #58208-96A 2013 Earlier

Outer fairing lower cover (skirt) p/n 57000182 should be replaced with the standard two wheel version p/n  57000017
(also applies to the 2014 and up) 

The stock steering damper will not reinstall which is generally not required when raking with our triple tree and stock size wheel.  

The rear brake remote reservoir needs to be relocated.

 FLRT  Freewheeler      

 No Bolt-On Trees Available

HHI Trees will work if Bike converts to 2014-later Road King style nacelle for installation.  Also must replace Freewheeler fork covers.

The rear brake remote reservoir needs to be relocated.

FXCW Softail Rocker HFS-005 08 up 0
Narrow Glide
HHI MidGlide
8 7/8" wide
HHI WideGlide
9 7/8" wide


Narrow Glide Trees Not Available
Stock Wheel use 3° 
21" Wheel use 3° Mid Glide or Wide Glide Glide

23" wheel use 5° Wide Glide
26" wheel use 6° Wide Glide

23" wheel applications needs to convert to wideglide, need longer axle, wideglide hub, and fender modifications.

FXCWC Softail Rocker Custom HFS-005        NO
FXST Softail Standard HFS-005 2      NO
FXSTC Softail Custom HFS-005 2 41    NO
FXSTD Softail Deuce HFS-005    41

21" wheel use 3 or 5°
23" Wheel use 5°
26" Wheel use 6°

FXSTB Night Train HFS-005 2 41 21" wheel use 3
23" wheel 5°
FLST Bad Boy HFS-005        
FLSTF Heritage Softail N/A 0 41

No trees available for stock wheel on 2 wheelers. Raked trees may be used for trike and side car applications with stock wheel.

21" wheel use 4°
23" wheel use 4°
26" wheel use 6°

FLSTC Fat Boy N/A 0   NO
FLSTFB Fat Boy Low        NO
Softail DeLuxe
Softail Slim
N/A   41  NO
FLSTS Heritage Softail Classic N/A 0      NO
FLSTC Heritage Springer Softail N/A 0    NO TREES AVAILABLE  
FLSTN Softail Springer Classic N/A 0    NO TREES AVAILABLE  
  Heritage Softail Special - Nostalgia Deluxe N/A 0      NO
FXSB Breakout (includes 2014) HFS-005   49WG No Cover Holes, No ABS mounting provided
5° for 23" wheel
6° for 26" wheel
NOTE: CVO version - No Cover Holes, No ABS mounting provided
FXD Dyna Super Glide EFS-001 06 up 0   21" wheel use 3 or 5°
23" Wheel use 5°
"Wheel use 6°
FXDB Dyna Street Bob EFS-001 06 up 0  49 YES
FXDB-D Dyna Daytona-Belt EFS-001      
FXDB-S Dyna Sturgis-Belt EFS-001      
FXDC Dyna Glide Custom EFS-001      
FXDF Dyna Fat Bob EFS-001 08 up 0  49 YES
FXDG Dyna Glide Sturgis EFS-001      
FXDX Dyna Glide Sport EFS-001      
FXDS-CONV Dyna Convertible EFS-001      
FXDXT Dyna Super Glide T Sport EFS-001      
FXDL Dyna Low Rider EFS-001 91-05 0   NO
FXDX Dyna Super Glide Sport EFS-001      
FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide EFS-001 91-05 2   NO
 FLD Dyna Switchback        NO TREES AVAILABLE  
SUPER GLIDES            
FXS Super Glide Low Rider


Narrow Glide

1987 and up 39mm
NO TREES AVAILABLE for 86 and ealier with 35mm tubes
Conversion Kits for some models are available.
FXSB Super Glide Low Rider - Belt    
FXB Super Glide Sturgis    
FXEF Super Glide Fat Bob    
FXR Super Glide Rubber Mount    
FXRP Super Glide Police    
FXRS Super Glide Rubber Mount - Sport    
FXRS-SP Low Rider Sport    
FXRS-CONV Low Rider Sport Convertible    
FXRC Low Glide Custom    
FXRD Sport Glide Grand Touring    
FXRDG Disc Glide    
FXRT FXR Touring - Sport Glide    
FXRT/P Sport Glide Police    
FXLR Low Rider Custom    
FXLR-FX Low Rider - Evolution    
FXWG Wide Glide    
XL 4-Speed 883 Sportster EFS-001 0 39mm 21" Wheel 3° trees
23" Wheel5° trees
Trike applications 5° trees
26" wheel, no trees available.
XL883 883 Hugger EFS-001 NO
XL883C 883 Custom EFS-001 NO
XL883L 883 Low EFS-001 NO
XL1100 Standard 1100 EFS-001 NO
XL1200 Standard 1200 EFS-001 NO
XL1200C 1200 Custom EFS-001 NO
XL1200L 1200 Low EFS-001 NO
XL1200N 1200 Nightster EFS-001 NO
XL1200R 1200 Roadster EFS-001 NO
XL1200S 1200 Sport EFS-001 NO
XLCH 4- Speed 883 Kick Start EFS-001 NO
XLCR Cafe Racer 1000 EFS-001 NO
XLH 4-Speed 883 Electric Start EFS-001 NO
XLH883 883 Hugger EFS-001 NO
XLH1200 Standard 1200 EFS-001 NO
XLH1200S Sport EFS-001 NO
XLS 4- Speed Roadster EFS-001 NO
XLX 4-Speed 1000 EFS-001 NO
XR1000 1000 with Competition Heads EFS-001 NO
 XL 1200V  72  EFS-001  NO
 XL1200X  Sportster 48      49  No trees available for 2016 and up Sportster 48 Models  
VRSCA V-Rod with more options N/A 4  2002-201149mm
2012-2017 55mm

Trees are available for 55mm inverted and 49mm conventional front ends, for trike use and 23" wheel 2 wheel applications use 6° trees.

For 26" wheel use 8° trees.



VRSCB Basic V-Rod N/A 4   2002-201149mm
2012-2017 55mm
VRSCAW V-Rod N/A 4    2002-201149mm
2012-2017 55mm
VRSCR Street Rod N/A 4   2006-2007 55mm
2012-2017 55mm
VRSCD Night Rod N/A 4   2012-2017 55mm YES
VRSCDX Night Rod Special N/A 4  2006-2011 49mm
2012-2017 55mm

 VRSCF  Muscle    4  2009-2017 55mm    
1500 Goldwing       4° or 6° YES
1800 Goldwing      

4° or 6°

Roadsmith Trike kit use +1 extensions


Neck Rake Instructional Video (3 Videos)


Click here to buy HHI Neck Rake Frame Kit

Click here to buy HHI Neck Rake Builders Kit

Click here to Buy HHI RoadLoK Calipers